12 Day of Christmas

Let’s take back the joy:

We are reclaiming joy this holiday season, and would love for you to join us!

Our team curated 12 actions/events/intentionalities to help you experience peace and presence this holiday season. Our hope is that through these 12 days of Christmas activities, you will find time to slow down and experience all the beauty and wonder that comes with the Christmas season.

We are choosing to shift our attention from the chaos and commercialism to the beauty and simplicity, and we would love for you to play along. Download the graphic below and share your experiences with us on social media… we can’t wait to see how you interpret our prompts, and we’re excited to share our team’s journey with you too!

find the joy in this season with our 12 days of Christmas bingo

1. Look Around- drive and look at lights, walk your neighborhood and enjoy the decor, visit a local museum or park to see the festive lights, let the beauty of the season bring excitement and joy to your day

2. Jam Out- put on holiday music- during carpool, on your way to work, dance in the shower, laugh through carols with your little ones.

3. Taste- take part in the festive fare… whether it’s a specialty season drink at the coffee shop or a Christmas cocktail on date night, let your sense of taste be part of intentionally submerging yourself in the season

4. Read- Choose a reading that fits your values this holiday season… The story of Christ’s birth from the Bible, the blessings for the lighting of the Hanukkah candles, A Christmas Carol… take time to unplug and read something that brings peace to you this season

5. Consume- choose a Christmas movie and invite someone to enjoy it with you. Whether it be a classic you watch with your someone special, or a a children’s cartoon you enjoy with your family, take an evening and enjoy a movie or show you don’t get to see other times of year

6. Get Creative- make a craft, bake a treat, write a song, journal a poem, take time today to create something new

7. Rest- Participate in some version of a technology fast. Nothing will increase stress faster than a full inbox or calendar alerts. Put down your phone to be present today in whatever the day may bring

8. Merry Movement- Cold weather can tempt us to stay indoors, but our stress levels fall with fresh air and movement. Go for a walk with a friend, take your kids to a park, or put on holiday music for a festive dance party. Whatever you choose, get your heart rate up today!

9. Unplug & Connect- make time for connection- Coordinate a dinner with friends, drinks with co-workers or a movie night with family. Be intentional about putting way the phones to be present with those you value

10. Anticipate- Advent is a season of anticipation and preparation. Take time to think through a goal or intention for the new year. Set a goal for yourself or your family

11. Appreciate- Take a moment of gratitude and find some way to document it. I love to write out three things from the year for which I grateful, and stick that note in the toe of my stocking to pull out and read the following year

12. Reflect- The end of the year is here… for some this year may have flown by, and for others the new year can’t come soon enough. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, take a moment to think back on 2022, and find moments of growth and gratitude