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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

We recently changed our business model to a self-pay-only model, meaning we will no longer accept insurance policies. While we contracted with several in the past, we have found that insurance companies do not always have the best interest of the client in mind. Our decision to move to the self-pay model was made to serve our clients with the highest level of ethics and integrity. We are happy to provide documentation for you to share with your insurance for any out of network benefits or to apply towards your deductible.

What is the cost of sessions?

The cost of session varies by provider.

Individual sessions range from $90-$130/session ($100-$150 for the initial consultation)

Couple/family sessions range from $115-$150/session ($125-$150 for the initial consultation)

Prolonged Exposure trauma sessions are 90-minutes and $190/session with Paige R., LMFT

Parenting Consultations are 50-minutes and $150 with Ally Bayard, LPC-S, CAS

We offer a sliding scale rate for certain situations. If you have a question about rates, please reach out to our office at

“I want to start counseling… what are the next steps?”

We are so glad you have decided to pursue counseling! The first step is to reach out to the office so we can help you schedule an intake appointment. This can be done via email, phone, or form submission above. We will help connect you to the counselor who best fits your needs and schedule. Each of our counselors have different styles and areas of expertise. Once you schedule that intake appointment, we will send you some registration paperwork electronically for you to complete before your intake session. At the intake you will meet with your counselor, go over your concerns, set goals for treatment, and discuss ongoing scheduling.

Do you all offer testing or evaluations?

We offer various assessments and screenings for a range or needs, from autism to anger/aggression screenings for legal matters. We do NOT offer any psycho-educational testing. If you need help connecting to a diagnostic psychologist or neurologist, we are happy to give you some names of referrals.

What is the difference between counseling and a consult?

Counseling is an ongoing interactive relationship in which you, the “client,” and your clinician, the “counselor,” work together towards goals you all set to help you achieve your highest level of mental, emotional, and relational functioning.

Consultations can be stand-alone appointments in which you and the clinician work in a more “coaching”-type manner to identify skills and strategies to help you with a specific issue. Consultations are popular for parenting strategies, determining what type of therapies may be effective for you/your child, or in the case of a specific event where you would like to consult a professional before making a decision on how or if to move forward.