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Exploring marriage/couple counseling

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As a provisionally licensed marriage and family therapist (PLMFT), I’ve been fortunate to walk hand in hand with many couples on their journey to a more fulfilling and harmonious union. Marriage, as we know, is like a garden that requires constant nurturing. At times, the pressures, events, or just monotony of life can cause the beautiful flowers of love to wilt. That’s where couples’ counseling comes in as the refreshing rain that rejuvenates the garden of your relationship.

Signs You Might Need a Guiding Hand

It’s essential to recognize when your marriage garden might need some extra care. Here are four signs that might indicate the need for seeking out couples counseling:

Communication Breakdown: If your conversations seem more like icy exchanges or is prone to erupt into fiery arguments, it’s time to learn the art of heartfelt communication.

Diminished Intimacy: When the warmth of touch and affection seems to have faded, and distance takes its place, it’s time to rekindle the fires.

Repeatedly Revisiting Conflicts: If old disagreements resurface like unwelcome guests, it’s a sign that there are unresolved issues that need attention.

Escalating Jealousy or Distrust: If shadows of doubt or jealousy are looming large in your relationship, it’s time to shed light on trust and security.

How Counseling Nourishes Marital Bonds

Imagine your relationship as a dance – sometimes you’re in sync, and sometimes you step on each other’s toes. But what if there was a way to ensure your dance was more graceful and coordinated? Couples counseling is like a dance class for your relationship.

It helps in:

-Understanding and Communication: A counselor can help you both to understand each other’s emotional landscapes, helping the dialogue between your hearts to become healthier.

-Conflict Resolution: Sometimes disagreements escalate into thunderstorms. Counseling teaches you to steer through these storms, turning them into soothing rains. Believe it or not, we can learn how to disagree well!

-Rekindling Intimacy and Connection: The flame of passion needs fuel. Counseling guides you in discovering ways to keep the embers burning brightly.

-Personal Growth and Support: Marriage involves two unique individuals. Couples counseling offers a safe space for personal growth, encouraging each partner to be their best.

Two Enriching Counseling Interventions

Couples counseling is a treasure trove of interventions. Let’s talk about two sparkling gems:

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): Picture this as a journey into each other’s hearts. EFT helps couples understand their emotional bonds. It’s like learning the language of your partner’s heart, creating a secure, loving connection.

The Gottman Method: This is akin to building a relationship fortress! Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this method focuses on building friendship, managing conflicts, and creating shared meaning in relationships. It’s about constructing the pillars that will hold your marriage strong and beautiful.

An Invitation to Nourish Your Marriage Garden

Couples, your marriage/relationship is a treasure worth cherishing. When weeds sprout or the flowers wilt, do not fret. Couples’ counseling can offer you the space to process, encouragement and support to learn and grow, and tools to strengthen your relationship moving forward.