two kids look at tablet together

Screen Sanity

two kids look at tablet togetherPurchase Screen Sanity with this membership. A “membership” is simply an account where all of your course content is stored indefinitely, so you can access the courses at any time!

Does your toddler demand an iPad in the car or at the table? Do you find yourself fighting your kids to get ready for school in the morning because they’re sucked in to the tv? Are your kids choosing video games over playing outside? Screen Sanity is our expert guide to help you reclaim your family’s relationship with screens.

Purchasing Screen Sanity will store the entire course in your membership profile indefinitely! The Screen Sanity course includes an introductory video, four video modules with corresponding handouts and resources, as well as a closing summary video. All together creating a 40-minute course, the video modules can be completed all at once or over time at your leisure. You have lifetime access to your membership library at any time, so you can drop in should you need a refresher!

Ally Bayard created this course after years of working with families who struggle to define healthy boundaries with screens. Our hope is that this course would be easily accessible and prove valuable to your family.