two kids look at tablet together

Screen Sanity

Are you tired of the constant power struggle with screens in your house?

Maybe every morning is a struggle to get ready because the kids are absorbed in a tv-show. Maybe long car rides are miserable because your kids demand screens or fight over what is on. Maybe you get a toddler meltdown every time you forget to charge a device. Maybe you are embarrassed by having to pull out your phone or iPad every time you are in public to occupy your child.

Screen Sanity is our easy and effective 3-step course to get your kids unhooked from the screens and plugged back in to a healthy, functional family life. This is not the “doom and gloom,” parent shaming, give-you-statistics-on-why-screens-are-bad type course. This course is designed to help your family establish a healthy relationship with screens based on your parenting goals..

Ally Bayard, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Approved Supervisor and Certified Autism Specialist will walk you through the 3-week process to reclaiming your sanity when it comes to screens.

Week 1: Detox

Week 2: The Reset

Week 3: The Reinforcement

This course includes 40 minutes of video modules, with corresponding handouts and resources. Purchasing this course gives you access to the modules and resources for life, so you can drop back in for a refresher at any time! The modules can be completed all at once or at your own pace, over time. You will complete this course feeling empowered, encouraged, and equipped to re-write the script on how you and your family interact with screens!

Ally Bayard created this course after years of working with families who struggle to define healthy boundaries with screens. Our hope is that this course would be easily accessible and prove valuable to your family.

*This is a coaching, educational course and in no way constitutes a clinical counseling relationship or mental health treatment.